Ocean Blue Beard Soap



PROTECT YOUR BEARD: Why settle for regular soap? It dries out your beard, causes irritation, and creates a dull look. Instead, level up with Baroque Royal beard soap which cleans out oil residue and dirt while replacing natural oils as a beard softener and conditioner. The result? A healthy-looking beard with a compliment-sparking sheen
RELIEVE ITCHINESS: Still have an itchy beard and flaky skin? Even after trying out every beard balm and beard oil? Your soap might just be the culprit. Our special beard soap and conditioner moisturizes and soothes the skin under your beard to reduce flakes and irritation. This beard wash makes a perfect gift for yourself or others.
QUALITY YOU’LL LOVE: No more dealing with soaps that are a pain to lather. Combine it with a bit of water and a bit of a rub and our beard wash soap bar creates a rich lather for a satisfying clean. Every order of this beard care product comes with 1 (80g/ 2.8oz) bars that will last you for months
GREAT FRAGRANCE: Subtle and refreshing, the unique scent leaves you feeling invigorated and netting compliments throughout the day. We also take great pride in all our beard care products being cruelty-free; our grooming soap is never tested on animals. The best beard and mustache softener natural beard soap.
80 g -2.8 oz

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