Figue en Fleur captures the sensation of a carefree stroll through the fragrant Provencal landscape and equals its insouciant charm. All of the characteristics of a typical southern French countryside scene have been included in the olfactory sweep of Figue en Fleur, and specifically the heavenly scent of a fig tree in full bloom under the Provencal late summer heat.
The fragrance captures the whole tree, from the heavy scent of the ripe fruit itself, the freshness of the green leaves, to the shy, delicate floral aroma of the fig tree blossoms. This scent sends out an essence of a fig tree in full bloom just as surely as the tree itself does in nature.
Figue en Fleur is just wonderful – a dreamy and naturalistic aroma as charming as the landscape it sets out to capture.
Fruity Floral
Fig leaves, rose, fig wood, almond, tonka bean, sandalwood

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