Strength and clarity from the depths of the forest
An almost cool darkness greets us, above which a minty-menthol note seems to shimmer. This gives way at once to a vibrant warmth which is fired and enlivened by skin contact.
Fire - that's the right word and it gets straight to the point as frankincense, labdanum and tobacco quickly show where this journey is taking us. It is exquisitely kindled and smoked, whereby nothing is left out. Black Amber is characterized by a cornucopia of woods and resins in which surprisingly very few flowers or fruits play a role. Only plum offers a slight touch of sweet-tart fruitiness and occasionally serves to counterpoise the fragrance. Nagarmotha creates the perfect balance and from time to time pierces the dark and spicy veils of smoke to offer a short feeling of uplifting lightness before we thankfully, and longingly fall once again into the dark depths. 
Vetiver from Java, Cuban tobacco flowers, frankincense from Iran, patchouly from Indonesia, Madagascar vanilla, Indian sandalwood. A glance at the ingredients promises adventure and distant travel. So dark and deep as the ingredients are, so sensual and seductive is Black Amber on the skin.
Oriental Spicy
Top Notes: Incense, Thornbush Flower, Red Seaweed, Davana, Spanish Labdanum
Heart Notes: Java Vetiver, Tobacco Flower, Incense, Cedarwood, Cypriol Nagarmotha
Base Notes: Patchouli, Black Amber, Madagascar Vanilla, Styrax, Indian Sandalwood

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